smells like team spirit

Gotta love this sort of Class Action from the Viper 640 NA’s….

Today was breezy with plenty of variable puffs and shifts to keep everyone on their toes. Plenty of long big planning surfs downwind.  Upwind, the leaders were choosing the right shifts to get across the course. Downwind finding big pressure lines to plane deep created all kinds of opportunities for gains and losses.

Brad Boston’s team and Dave Chapman/Ian Nicholson were the most consistent in the leading pack on the day. Brad moved up from 3rd to regatta leader. Dave Chapman has moved up to third. Of yesterday’s leaders, Dave Nickerson and Moise Solomon were the only other boat from yesterdays leaders to avoid double digit finishes and have moved up to second. Tom Loutrel looked fast all day and so did Cardwell Potts.

Sadly Mambo Kings broke a rudder gudgeon approaching the windward mark. We sailed through the triangle of death on port tack with no rudder and emerged unscathed. It turns out that you can sail a Viper in a relatively straight line in big breeze without a rudder…..but you cannot tack. Big thank you to the Canadian Viperers with the bright green rashguards who offered assistance…. we hailed that we were okay but it was a very sportsmanlike gesture.  We were towed home by the rescue launch, wondering where on earth we could possibly find parts for an 18 year old boat on a Friday evening. Frankly I thought our regatta was over. We arrived at the dock, to a warm welcome from LYC’s dock staff who had been radio’d ahead by the rescue boat and had our trailer ready and waiting for us by the hoist. Damn nice touch and a well earned shout out to Waterfront Director Parker and all his crew who are maneuvering 53 Vipers and trailers to and from the hoists with ease.

Anyway , I guess the word got out to the fleet via texts and word of mouth because 2 hours after the fleet docked, I was sitting  by my boat with a spare gudgeon , a repaired pintel, and a loaner rudder. Thank you to Peter Broszkowski, Peter Beardsley, …huge thank you to Patrick Slattery for conjuring up a rudder and also thank you to Jeff Hankins uncle who is a boat builder in Maine. We texted him pictures of the damaged pintel and rec’d repair instructions in return!  So we will be sailing tomorrow.

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