snow men

Class Action

snowmenThe East Coast Ice Freaks are trying to get some momentum going for this season’s Ice Age. Here’s a little race report and an invite to their Annual Meeting. You Freaks of the East have no excuse – go!

OK, Back to the action- Sunday dawned clear and calm, for awhile we wondered if there would be breeze enough to sail on ice that would surely soften in the sun later in the day…. Would we get the New England champs in on the heels of a good Easterns?

The Shelburne Days Inn staff saw several sore people limping into the breakfast area to down waffles, cereal, hard-boiled eggs and various combinations of meds to get through the day. Better livin’ through chemistry! The big breeze Saturday left pretty much everyone with at least some sore muscles but plenty of grins nonetheless.

Dressed and out the door and back to the launch site. Just about everyone who still had a functioning boat was there- only one or two people elected to end the season on a high note and hit the road early. Jim Hadley was one of them- normally we’d give him no end of grief for a stunt like this but he gets a pass for two reasons: First, he has a six month old baby at home (congrats, you big stud!) and second, he gave me the chicken salad sandwich he was saving for lunch later that day. He sailed great on Saturday and we look forward to seeing him and the rest of the NJ mafia next season! Chris Miller also hit the road after somehow ripping off two chocks and eviscerating a runner. A three-for-one breakage! A bummer as he made a heck of a big-course racing debut the previous day- watch out for him next season….

After a quick awards presentation for the Easterns we jumped right into the skippers meeting for the New England champs. Time was critical as the sun was getting higher in the sky and we wanted to get this one in the books ASAP… Read on.