stukas over disneyland

Local Knowledge

Got a call from my good friend, Alberto to go for sail on San Francisco Bay to watch the Navy’s finest, Blue Angels fly during this year’s Fleet Week.  Set out from the marina on his beautiful and classic Alerion 28 Express with it’s one cylinder Yanmar putting away.   There was a building ebb tide as we rounded the breakwater, blue skies and a fresh breeze.

We were treated to an aeronautical spectacle of an aerobatic biplane,  United Boeing 757 low fly by and then building anticipation awaiting the appearance of the afternoon’s highlight:  the Blue Angels!    We were making less headway motoring upwind so decided to roll out just a handkerchief size amount of jib from the roller furler and welcomed the silence as the diesel was turned off.  Wind was now gusting up to 26 knots with a full on ebb.

Plenty of lee helm and not able to point upwind more than 50 to 60 degrees but what the hell, we were ready for the main event.  And what a show it was, soaring right above our heads for the next hour!  Screeching, rumbling and airborne maneuvers that make your hair stand on end.  My hats off to these incredible pilots.  No better seat in the house, on the Bay! – Anarchist Joseph. Title inspiration thanks to The Dickies.