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blue by you

Organizers of the E-Scow’s Blue Chip Regatta wanted to make a splash for the 50th anniversary of the Midwest classic, so they rounded up as many of the past ‘mystery guest’ rockstars as they could and flew them to Pewaukee and gave them the helm and crews from 25 qualifying E boats.  Names like Reynolds, Alison, Lewis, Benjamin, McKee, Lovell and Cayard weren’t a match for the Midwest’s own Bora Gulari, who finished 5 points ahead of Peter Holmberg to take the win.

If you still watch television you might catch sight of a Gary Jobson documentary of the event at 3 AM on ESPN sometime later this year.  Those of you younger than 90 might want to check out some of the footage Petey Crawford and drone pilot Sean Fidler put together of the event.  A bit of it is above along with some action from the awards ceremony, and head over to the regatta playlist on Youtube for drone footage of most of the races, and a pile of interviews here.