bad moon rising

Brian Hancock gets his crank on. We’re down.

bad moon risingThere has been a story circulating around the Internet lately that has really got my goat. I thought that I might just let it pass but then it popped up again on my Facebook page and I took that as a sign to say something. The story was published in Australia’s Daily Telegraph. I am not sure if it was only online or in a print version, but it doesn’t matter. The headline, in 75pt font, read: Sydney to Hobart: Former model Kristy Hinze-Clarke out to create race history with Comanche.

OK let me start again by saying I have nothing against the aforementioned model or her husband or the boat or the crew. It’s not my intention to get people riled up. I have already stated before that I think Comanche is a slab-sided, unoriginal boat and the money could be better spend on something more innovative. My point is this: There have been, and there will be many more history-making moments in the Hobart Race, but the fact that the trophy wife of a rich American dude who may or may not be onboard for the Hobart race becomes headline news just gets to me.

I am a major supporter of women in sailing but this kind of journalism is plain and simple nonsense. The first paragraph reads:  “Seventy years after the first female sailed in a Sydney to Hobart, former model Kristy Hinze-Clarke is ready to become the first female owner to win the line honours race with Comanche now confirmed as an unexpected starter in this year’s event.”  Give me a break! In the third paragraph it states the Comanche skipper Ken Read has yet to speak to Jim Clark or his wife about whether or not Kristy will be on board, and to be honest, isn’t it a bit presumptuous to have a headline that presumes that Comanche will win the race? No win, no history.

If memory serves me, in last year’s race, the decade-old Wild Oats XI finished a full hour ahead of Comanche, easily taking line honours. OK there you have it. Anyone else out there bothered by that news headline or is it just the almost-full blood moon that is getting to me?