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Ryan and Reynaud were pretty proud of the cross-channel record they nabbed back in April at the beginning of the Lending Club 2 record-breaking run, but the omnipresent Lloyd Thornburg just smacked the shit out of the big trimaran’s Cowes-Dinard record with his little green 70 Phaedo 3.   It’s American vs. American for outright speed records in big trimarans…there’s a sentence we never thought we’d write!

Average speed for the run: 28.7 knots.  Top speed: 40.9 knots, and we’re left forlorn that the creators of the MOD70 class fucked the business end of it up so badly; the MOD might just be the best all-around ocean racer ever designed, and there should be dozens of these things racing all over the world.  Keep an eye on Phaedo’s Facebook page for interviews and bits of the ride.  Rachel Jesperson/Team Phaedo photo with some more gorgeous ones over here.