the cats out of the bag

Big Pimpin’

From the new title sponsor of our Multihull Anarchy Forum

hh66_0001Announcing a new breed of Super Cats, HH Catamarans. Designed on a foundation of luxury and performance with renowned naval architects Morrelli & Melvin at the helm, we have injected America’s Cup technology into our beautiful catamarans and in doing so have set a new standard for the market. Morrelli and Melvin’s bold and innovative approach to ocean cruising has a reputation of durability and safety. HH Catamarans takes a no compromise approach in giving our clients a product and service unparalleled in quality, transforming beautiful design from our engineering team, to our build processes, down to the finishing touches, and delivery to you.

HH Catamarans represents the partnership and venture together of Hudson and Hakes, hence HH. The impressive Chinese boat yard Hudson Wang set up just nine years ago is called Hudson Yacht and Marine. It is another part to his manufacturing empire, which now employs 4000 people in the coastal city Xiamen. Four factories construct a variety of goods from life rafts to baseball bats, and now high calibre yachts. The yard is state of the art and is currently constructing a new building hall to assist with their expansion, which boasts six gantry cranes and will house a new 120’ 5-axis CNC machine, inside a massive construction hall 200m long and 80m wide.  This is in addition to the two existing 150m building halls, 60’ five axis CNC cutter, and other assorted robotic machines and buildings. Paul Hakes with an established reputation as one of the worlds’ best in constructing racing yachts, and his team from New Zealand joined forces with visionary industrialist Hudson Wang. Almost four years on and it has formed a solid foundation for a lot more to come.

The new HH66 and HH55 catamarans are set to establish a new level of fast, safe blue water cruising. Designed by the famous Morrelli and Melvin in conjunction with HHs’ own design team, these boats are big, full of comfort and devastatingly fast. Already the order books are starting to fill for both models. The first four HH66 are well into construction with HH66-01 due to launch at the end of this year. The yard will have a mixture of up to 9 x 55s and 66s in construction at any one time.

 The HH line is also now offering a new HH77, HH88 and a giant HH115’ . These have already been through the initial design processes again with Morrelli and Melvin, and are scheduled to start construction by the end of this year. These are yachts that we have called our ‘Plus Sized’ catamarans, and will feature walk around king size beds, private owner and VIP deck access, flybridge, large entertainment areas, and an interior finish from Laura Pompeni that will be customized to your individual style.

Rumours are that the next development in 2016 from HH Catamarans maybe a smaller, more affordable HH48, which will certainly please a large part of the growing multihull market.

Hudson Yacht and Marine does build a number of other sailing yachts and Power cats, (please see our website www.hudsonyachtmarine.com  for more information). But HH Catamrans are our flagship brand, the best example of traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technologies available. We consider the HH Catamaran Supercats as the best you will find in the market when comparing value, volume, performance, and equipment specifications. We set ourselves a real target from a great vision, whether you are a racer, an ocean voyager or a bay hopper we are bringing you a new performance cruising catamaran that is destined to be the world leader.