troy me rs 1

We went sailing on something very different this weekend, and what a pleasant surprise it was. Thanks to Berkeley Green from SoCal SailSport, Troy, my 15 year-old son and I got to sample a couple of RS Sailing’s small boats. The RS Feva was a fun, responsive double hander that we both dug, (but that ship -pun intended – has sailed for this old man!). The RS Venture Sailability, built with the intent to accommodate disabled sailors, seemed to hit all the right marks. First, we had never sailed in supportive molded forward facing chairs and it was amazingly good. I think I want all my boats to have ’em!

That’s Troy steering with one of the twin sticks (in lieu of conventional tiller). The boat , with a couple hundred pounds of ballast in the keel was nice and stable on a beautiful 12 knot day in San Diego. The controls were all quite accessible, with the asso kite being of particular ease to raise and lower. Not a high performer, the thing went right along with no sweat. If y’all get a chance to sail one, we highly recommend it! – Ed.