cuba, anyone?

VOR Team Brunel Bouwe Bekking checks in with a bit if a post- VOR report and some very interesting possibilities for a few lucky sailors…

The enthusiasm and support we got from the public, plus the positive return from all sponsors involved during the last Volvo Ocean Race was the reason that we made an announcement during The Hague pitstop that Sailing Holland wants to enter again in the next Race. We know from experience that the change can be very abrupt once the Volvo Ocean Race finishes, you fall in a deep hole, the crew goes their own way and most of the boats are getting laid up. Seize The Day and keep the momentum going was our motto and the campaign has been flat out. Until the end of October the boat is nearly sailing ever day with corporate guests, 2 trips a day, not only in Holland, but as well in Belgium and England. Of course we have to forfill our obligations to our sponsors, but as well we got a lot of request of new companies interested to become involved for the next race and have done several events.

Sail Amsterdam had invited TeamBrunel. Nearly 2.3 million people enjoyed the event to the fullest: the Tall Ships, the heritage ships, all the cultural events and the entertainment, the innovative ‘Oceans’ structure, the National SAIL debate with live coverage of half an hour on national television at prime time. A great mix of party atmosphere and business . We got a top location in the area where subjects as sustainability, technology and innovation where highlighted, plus that Volvo 65 halfmodel was present ,so all people actually had a chance to see the way we lived. Since there was so much enthusiasm and request for sailing onboard the idea was born there to also actively keep sailing the boat in this winter………….Caribbean here we come.

The Transatlantic race was fully booked in no time, a real pro-am event where a couple of the crew will attend. My first race onboard will be the Caribbean 600, the boat is chartered out with nearly the entire race crew onboard , but again with a couple of guests onboard, who will get a lifetime experience. The Heineken regatta and the Voile de St Barth are also on the program.

January is a quiet month and laying still costs money but we read on SA that there will be an official race from Key West to Cuba. Now that is interesting from several points of few: discover Cuba and new territories for racing and cruising. Cuba is far from our bed, but the USA has a different history with them, so maybe a chance for sailors to fulfill a dream, race on Volvo 65, and visit the Cuba! Our idea is to do Key West Race Week, followed by the Cuba race. You can sign up for both events or do only one. If interested get in touch with……. [email protected] for more info.