fly me with balloons

America’s Cup
September 1 at 6:22pm

fly meOn Friday afternoon, as part of the opening activities of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Gothenburg, the event agency of the local host released balloons from the Kids Zone of the Event Village. According to the local agency, the balloons were made from natural latex and designed for this kind of public release activity as the natural latex biodegrades in sunlight and seawater.

But the America’s Cup Event Authority agrees that even with these precautions, a balloon release should not have happened. We will put processes in place with all future local organizing committees to ensure this will not happen again. The America’s Cup has worked hard over the past several years to minimize its impact on the environment. This was a step backward by one of our local partners and one that both we at the America’s Cup Event Authority and the local partner regret.

Should have never happened“? What, like some mystery entity that they had no control of did it? Good christ, can it really be that we are months and months away from the actual Fiasco, and we already must suffer this sort of idiocy…? And if you think we’re trippin’, check this

Title inspiration as retarded as the ACEA.