Olympic Fecal Report

We say Big Fucking Deal. Regardless of their “findings” (which you know have to be suspect as hell), the IOC still refuses to move the venues. Unfuckingbelievable.

Olympic organizers promised Tuesday to introduce viral testing in the polluted waters in Rio de Janeiro where about 1,400 athletes will compete in next year’s games.  The IOC and Brazilian organizers had repeatedly insisted that only bacterial testing was required despite an independent five-month analysis by The Associated Press showing dangerously high levels of viruses from human sewage at all Rio Olympic water venues.

Acknowledging that viral water testing was now necessary, local organizing committee head Carlos Nuzman told the AP that his team was still studying how best to carry out the analysis and what pathogens to search for.

“The viral tests, we will do and we will repeat this because the most important (thing) for us is the health of the athletes,” Nuzman said in an interview in London. “We are working with our medical department and looking for this.”

If the tests come back positive for viruses, organizers will assess the best way of cleaning up the water rather than abandoning any venues, such as Guanabara Bay, which is the venue for sailing and wind surfing.

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