what can’t they complain about?

We get letters…

Every iconic race has an iconic landmark, Fastnet is probably one of the most blockbuster and intriguing races that has been going on in the past several decades. this race does not discriminate small vessels like the Transpac does and it encourages people to test their offshore abilities like no other does.

I find it offensive (being a participant of this race on siren a great 54 foot R/P) that you would criticize the ability of sailors to complete this major milestone. without the small guys braking their necks to complete such a achievement sailing would not be the same. if you want testing winds and people risking their lives on the reg……  you should look more into dinghy sailing and stop criticizing a task that people invest all their money and risk one or more extremities. I am a firm believer in offshore sailing because that is what makes a sailor who is willing to go balls deep without a huge budget.

This Fastnet was my first and may not have been a true Fastnet but I did bond with my crew who I met the day before the start. The amount of wind does not describe a race, the ability of a crew to bond with no wind makes it a sincere and willing crew who is willing to go all out with under 5 knots of wind or over 30. The fact is the Fastnet is a race that promotes HPR sailboats that will and have been changing sailing world.