woulda, shoulda

Due to a fairly late decision to compete in the Transpac, we didn’t have time to fully optimise the boat so had no watermaker and maximum stability. With a bit more optimisation we could have started the race up to 600kg lighter. We carried water for 6 crew for up to 14 days and way more stability than we ever needed, we would have only been at full cant for 10% of the race!

The boat was measured for the Transpac rating the day after the central triangle race (which we saw 50kts windspeed) from then it was a race to the start line with the boat being disassembled as soon as the required measurements were taken. No further modifications could be done that would affect the rating measurements.

A few other technical difficulties getting the boat to the start line didn’t help the program out much with some issues in transit and a new prod and forestay needing to be urgently made up and delivered from NZ to the boat just a few days before the start (and as always they didn’t just fit straight on…).

Sensational race, slow start but then 10 days of downwind sailing with good company on an awesome little boat. The last 4 days coming into Hawaii were fantastic with a top speed of 24kts and every crew member breaking the 23kt mark on the helm. Got the trophy for the fastest elapsed time for boats under 36ft and a respectable line result.

The 15litre tub of Mai Tai at the finish line certainly did its job of decimating the team, followed up next day by the Mt Gay party then Barcardi shots down the Ice Luge at the Barcardi party the following night…. Once again 6 broken men stumbled back to NZ to settle back into society and share stories of the epic adventure with family and friends…… – Anarchist BooBoo.