Next time ACEA tell you they’ve got China – ask them what they actually have.¬†They will probably tell you they have CCTV5. This is ‘China Central Television Channel 5’

What they actually have is CCTV5+ which is an internet channel not normal terrestrial TV. This is viewed by 2 and a half people. Sorry, big country so probably a few more than that but (and I do know a few of the sailors in China) I only received one contact about the coverage and it wasn’t complimentary.

This event – from ALL the feedback I have seen – on SA, on blogs, even comments from serious experienced professional racer Facebook friends is that this clearly was NOT a success and it wasn’t to do with the weather. heavy handed stewards on the land, 4 pounds 50 for some chips and 3 quid for a cup of tea? someone’s making a lot of money! and on the water a viewing area that really required binoculars.

Well it was partly to do with the weather but if you have boats so pumped up they cannot sail when it is blowing hard what can you expect.

We can only be fans of so many events but having followed Volvo around the world, surely if ACEA wanted a clue or some little smidgen of an idea how to cover a yacht race they only need to check out the footage coming from Alicante. While they don’t have room for an OBR I am sure a couple of Go-pros or remote cams on a foiling cat wouldn’t slow it down too much and certainly give a better perspective to those watching on the app or TV – Oops sorry, App not available outside the US, glad I didn’t get my credit card out then.

Exciting catamaran racing – let me see. Yep, I think I shall just stick to the eXtreme 40s. As mentioned they are long in the tooth but exciting, a bit crash and burn at times, can capsize without bringing tears to the accountants and are not afraid of a few knots of breeze. Title inspiration thanks to The Normal.

See ya on the water.
Shanghai Sailor