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We don’t know a lot about this issue, but it seems worth having the community here take a look at it. We copied the below from their site…

Clipper Cove is home to some of the best recreational and instructional boating on the San Francisco Bay, including youth sailing, disabled sailing, dragon boating, Olympic class racing, keel-boat raft-ups, kayaking, paddle boarding, high-school and collegiate competition and more.

The Cove is one of the Bay Area’s most valuable open water resources, and one of the safest protected areas in the Bay for public recreation and boating instruction. The Cove is also home to the non-profit Treasure Island Sailing Center which has put thousands of San Francisco public schools kids on the water – many for the first time ever. The Cove also hosts dragon boat racing, including the annual Dragon Boat Festival that draw tens of thousands to Treasure Island, national dinghy racing championships, such as this year’s V15 nationals, the annual PCISA high school Golden Bear regatta, the Cal Sailing Team, and much more.

The proposed conversion of Clipper Cove to a privately owned and operated 400-slip marina will sacrifice a Bay Area recreational and educational treasure. While the Bay Area needs more marina facilities, this particular plan is not appropriate.

The plan is based on an outdated planning process completed in 2005 which in turn was based on public input collected in 1995. The use of Clipper Cove has changed and grown dramatically since that time. For instance the Treasure Island Sailing center was established in 1999, creating a sixteen year history of teaching kids to sail on Clipper Cove, and the Dragon Boat Festival was started 10 years ago in 2005, but none of these uses could have been properly considered in 1995. More here.