southern comfort one

transpac view

Ah, there is real southern comfort in the southern regions, isn’t there? This is the view from Waikiki as Transpac Row sits empty waiting for the arrivals…

With a light wind start, the multihull class is now moving along nicely, here are some words from Brian Thompson the co-skipper onboard Phaedo in anticipation of tonight’s watch:

Sun just setting here, all great on board, everything working perfectly and the crew in top shape..It’s another night ahead of intense concentration driving and trimming in the pitch black with the spinnaker up..It’s where driving from indoors is particularly tricky with less light and no apparent wind in the face. Just 3 20/20 B&G displays on the mast as a reference to steer by ..Looks like there may be a few more stars tonight, which will be a big help.