planely stated

K-Mag about to get all up in this shit.

We finally made it to the trade winds today on our way to Hawaii. Breeze is in the upper teens and we are rumbling along at 15kts. Pyewacket has been next to is all day… literally can not get by. We even had to back down for a fishing ney stuck on our rudder and keel and have caught back up a bit. The J-125 is a beast!

We are still in third place with about half the race left and are working really hard to pass Resolute in second. Amazing that they are double handed! If they beat us I will never hear the end from Erik Shampain. But then again who wouldn’t want Erik driving their boat half the time offshore? I am sure he is still faster than me after 5 days of sleep deprivation.

So we were cruising along going about 13 and all of a sudden the boat slows a lot. I am driving and start feeling a huge vibration. We take video and back down right away. Shit got off the boat and we sail on next the Pyewacket. The only casualty was my hat! So if you are one of the people meeting us at the finish please stop by the Billabong or Ripurl store and get me a snapback flatbill please… I will pay you back.

150 miles to our halfway mark and a lot of miles to do what I like best.. Plane.