her name is rio

Finally into some Transpac Champagne sailing on the Rio 100!

Up until now, we have been sailing with our R1, as our routing wanted us to get west, but also stay north to get to the trades as quick as possible. I few hours ago we put up our full size A4. and went into VMG mode. We have 16 – 19 knots of wind cruising along at 18 knots. The girl really loves this stuff. We are managing to hang on to Oats; we actually reeled them in a couple of miles yesterday. That is probably due to two factors. Us being in a little better spot on the course wind-wise, and we think they are probably sailing some extra miles to put a lose cover on Rags (Ragamuffin 100 – ed).

Everything is going well her. My biggest concern is running into something and damaging the boat. We are very far north, and there is lots of debris. The fact that we have two rudders, and neither of them are protected by the keel, leaves us vulnerable Add to that the fact that there is very little moonlite makes me very nervous. I’ll gladly make a large withdrawal from my good karma account to come through unscathed. Track us here.

That’s it for now, I’ll write again… – Keith Kilpatrick.