double up

Those of you who know or have sailed with or even against Eric Shampain, know what a phenomenal sailor and sweetest guy ever he is. He has a way of making boats get to the front, but what he and owner Tim Fuller are doing in the Transpac is almost hard to believe. The only double handed entry in a fleet of fast, fully crewed boats (including two very good sisterships), their J/125 Resolute is first in class today!

The racing is very close and certainly things can and will change, but this kind of individual effort by these guys is absolutely incredible. Go the Little Hippie!

And from our other Brother, K-Mag on the sistership Timeshaver is trying really hard to get right back in it…

¬†What a ride the past day has been. We blasted with the 4A, got headed back to rum-line with the 2A, hard reached with the code-0 and now back to the 2A. We are close to the leaders as far as DTF is concerned but we are like 120 miles south of them. While we were reaching to keep the boat speed through the light stuff (being on rum-line allowed us to do that without giving away anything) they were gybing to cover each other. Their morning report was pretty different from our experience. They can see each other and threw in tactical gybes… we were moving at wind speed and having a laugh about life. Found out this morning my buddy Dustin on Relentless is south of me near rum-line…. I believe it was last year when he talked about always wanting to get back there… go figure.

Not sure what the next 1500 miles entail but I hope it is for more wind and better action… for us of course.