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sounds of the mac

Longtime SA contributor and now Chicago YC Comms pro Morgan Kinney grabbed Clean for a little chat about the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mack in this clip above; the race began yesterday under a hot sun and light Southerly breeze. The breeze has built since then, and ORMA 60 Arete and VO70 Il Mostro are fighting for inches in the battle for line honors, while the all-conquering heavily modified MaxZ86 Windquest lurks nearby, waiting for a chance to pounce.  Meanwhile, Paul Hulsey’s Holy Hand Grenade is taking advantage of the first-ever Mac to allow Melges 24s as he and another Melges lead the shore course.  The tracker has a drop-down menu for either course and plenty of other features; check it out here.

Check back later on the SA front page for call-ins from the leaders.  Wanna call in?  Send an SMS to 2485630657 and we’ll set it up.