don’t be a stranger

Meanwhile, back to reality for the bulk of the fleet, here’s the latest from th3 J/125 Timeshaver…

So we decided to abort the Cabo Race record attempt (since that seems to be popular these days) in order to join this race that was going on north of us. Everyone was talking about bad weather… well we were burning up hot and I took a look around and realized this was not Transpac! We found a place to gybe, the wind finally cooperated, and we ripped along all afternoon doing 10+ and into the night we saw 20kts of wind with speeds of 15! Clouds and pitch black skies meant we entered the race course. We are still behind by a fair amount but now we are in line with the weather and progressing up the rankings. On yellowbrick at 10:30pm last night we were going 2 kts faster than our entire fleet. Finally. We managed to make up some distance and pass some 50’s and other randoms so we are a little more excited. I raced with the ED for a long time and learned a lot from him, he also told me one day, “Keith you go from suicide to ecstasy in .5 seconds.” Yeah I got that from you bro, and thats what yesterday was like. Well not .5 seconds but more like 6 hours.

Let’s talk about our friends out there that we must catch. Keep in mind I have to choose wisely which friends we have fun with so I don’t get anyone emailing me or anyone else about what I say. Yes haters I know you can not take a joke so no more free fun publicity for you!

Relentless: Ahh my boys from the LBC were over early and had to go back. I was talking to Bill about the race and his only concern was making his son, and Long Beach Match Racing Skipper, Dustin, that this was a marathon and not a match race. Well I guess he did not get the memo as he pushed the start like he was on the Cat 37’s he frequents. Oh well because they managed to move forward of us like everyone else. I am coming for you guys because I do not want to hear about this every time we sail! Good friends Jack Bazz and Benjamin Wheatly are on the team and it could be a long two years for me if that little hipster Jack beats me. Ben… make some fun videos because you are hilarious! Check out their Facebook page if you have not yet is so funny. It is called something like Relentless and her men do Transpac. All the guys on the boat are homies and we must beat them.

We are now ripping with the 2A up doing 10kts at 244 degrees… Not bad after a sun bathing detour.

Cheers everyone and sorry to our fans who must have been cursing our tracks the last two days.

Keith Magnussen