head north young man

Really interesting to see the the crewed J 125’s at polar opposites of their fleet. Hamachi currently looking much better up high, Timeshaver, well, read on. Oh and what a retarded decision by Transpac to delay the positioning by 6 hours.  Old school nonsense.

Well Well the southerly thing does not look so good anymore. we had 12 hours of not being able to download weather and stuck to our routing service we got just before the race, we persisted on getting south, really south. It was a weird night, we sort of were at the mercy of the wind as a tack would have sent us back to LA. The morning came and we got a new grib and wham, the promise of breeze was gone. So we ended up getting a shift, that was not anywhere on the gribs, that allowed us to sail 244 for a good 3-4 hours. Then we gybed and are now sailing 270-280 at about 8-9kts of boat speed with our 2A flying nicely.

We crossed another boat so spirits were raised, a little. The daily standings were ugly and morale was a bit low. We are here to rally and all of our systems seem to be working, for the first time ever! We made some good water, I can send emails, get gribs and even make a phone call (we tried to be sure).

The forecast looks interesting so anything can happen in this race. I am looking forward to a nap and then more good sailing (hopefully) and with that sailing some tunes will be played. I think today requires something with a little intensity.

Keith Magnusssen