record pace

lending hawaii 1

Our boys on Lending Club are looking good and ripping right along. Currently going over 30 knots, they covered 725 miles in the last 24 hour period and are on pace to set the elapsed time record to Hawaii. Go the Club! Here’s the latest from onboard the boat from C0-Skipper Ryan Breymaier:

We had a great afternoon yesterday, sailing with the full main and J1 at 100-120 TWA, in 18-25 knots. The wind seems to be lighter than whatever we read at the masthead, as we can carry the bigger sails over the indicated range easily. this is probably just due to the water being quite cold, keeping the breeze from settling onto the water..

Last night we changed to the Gennaker at 4:00 am, quite a project on this boat, with the off watch being called into action on the grinders to get the 300 pound sail to the top of the mast. Instant acceleration, 10 degrees lower and 6 knots or so faster.

This morning the break of day reveals a squally sky, but we are taking advantage of the slightly stronger breeze and better angle the squalls bring; we’re making between 30-35 knots straight towards Hawaii at times which goes a long way to assuring a record pace. We are starting to see crap in the water, various floating plastic objects and more worryingly, we hit something quite solid with the windward rudder, which was bad luck, as it is usually nowhere near the water’s surface. Miraculously, we dont seem to have sustained damage…

We are looking forward to nightfall, when the debris does not exist, as we cannot see it. Life onboard is routine, eating, sleeping, driving and repeat!