it’s not a j world

The first daily report from Keith Magnussen onboard the J 125 Timeshaver as they begin the trek to Hawaii…

timeshaver.pngAnother fine mess I got myself into! Floating around the coast of California, well 150 miles off or so, and trying to get to Hawaii in these conditions is not ideal. The Timeshaver has been going along nicely, averting crisis and praying for wind. We had a few hours where we could not access our Iridium but we are live again!

Pete Heck is up on deck tacking back and forth in super light shifty breeze. I am supposed to relive him in a half an hour but who wants to do that? Owner, Viggo Torbensen, spared no expense and every puff of wind he gets excited which is good to see.

Rounding out the crew are long time team member Blake “Tokyo” Hamilton, Charlie Underwood and Cody Schuab. So far we are still having a super fun time even though it kind of sucks.¬†On my end I thought we had a pretty decent night. We are a bit south of our fleet but that was part of the game plan. I have been having fun messing around with my new Replay XD Camers. It is like a GoPro but different. So far lots of flat water video!

I am sure next report will be a little more fun.