they love me

me ayc

Well, at least they pretended to! Your infamous Ed was invited to speak at Arizona Yacht Club yesterday, and a group of maybe 100 folks showed up to be insulted, laughed at, ridiculed and cursed. And those were the highlights. Seriously, it was great fun talking to and with this group of enthusiastic and dedicated sailors stuck in the middle of the desert. We had some great discussions, with me of course winning them all. I had the microphone after all…

This group ¬†sail at Lake Pleasant, and have decent PHRF, OD, dinghy and Junior sailing. They pretended to actually want me to come back, so it looks like January I will be sailing in their Birthday Regatta in January. I think we’ll throw a Sailing Anarchy party while we’re there!

And if you’d like me to speak at your club,¬†just ask.