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My boys and I were lucky enough to get invited to go for a sail on Lending Club, the 105′ trimaran that is in SoCal looking to smash the elapsed time record to Honolulu. Skippered by Ryan Breymaier, we joined the gang from Morelli  & Melvin for a nice afternoon sail. The thing is of course monstrous but easy to steer in the 10 knot breeze and just a giggle to imagine what it must be like to hit 40 knots of boat speed in this thing…But when you go ahead and pull the trigger on your own 100′ trimaran, be advised that there won’t be much of anything down below

The weather might be looking iffy for their scheduled start on July 18, so there is a chance they will start early (Ryan thought there was a potential weather model that could get them to Hawaii in under 4 days) so we’ll keep you posted on that. Ryan will be send ing us some updates from the race – it ought to be fun to follow along! – Ed.