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The arms race in kite foiling. What can you make and how fast can you make it? That is what kite foiling has become. A race to dominate the market with the most advanced designs that your mind can produce. The last year has seen an explosion in companies vying to out do themselves in the search for more speed. Thinking outside the box has become the norm. What crazy idea can you think of and will it work? The next break through in sailing will come from kite foiling. There is no doubt in my mind that we will advance foiling to the next level. Other classes like Moths and even the America’s Cup will be looking at the designs that have come out of kite foiling. Racing has advanced to the point of having a half knot and 5 degrees of pointing upwind has made a huge difference in who wins a race.

It’s not only hydrodynamics, it’s aerodynamics that is now entering into play. We have taken our board design to the next level building off our original double concave design board which was laughed at when it was first developed but has now become the standard in the industry. We have taken that design and have tested it and have produced the next race board that has significantly less drag then other boards on the market.

We have increased the upwind pointing angles by 5 degrees allowing the board to heel more up wind by changing the angle of attack of the foil against the load generated by the kite. We have also looked to nature to help develop the next generation of hydrofoils to produce a faster and more fluid ride. Our Gul wing with its curved leading edge has produced some great results. The future of foiling is going to be off the charts. It will change everything that we know about sailing and will bring on a new era to our sport. Its going to be a hell of a ride! –

Brian Camet – cametkiteboarding.com