that’s the spirit

Big Pimpin’

While the holiday is still on, what better way to honor the 4th than by buying the American-made Alloy Compass by Nautalytics? Developed and manufactured from components made in six states (MO, MN, NJ, NY, PA, and TN) and assembled in Pennsylvania, near the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, by a team of racing sailors for racing sailors. The Alloy Compass is a DIGITAL MAGNETIC COMPASS. Designed to replace the high-end globe compass, it “wakes up” when placed upright and “sleeps” when it is horizontal.

The compass features a large 1.4” high LCD display made for use with polarized sunglasses. It also offers ultra-low energy consumption electronics with a solar cell, worry-free battery, all housed in a solid, anodized aluminum case for only $335.00. You get the information you need when you need it. Navigation made SIMPLE. Do your part to balance the US trade deficit and show your allegiance to the flag by buying American. Buy Nautalytics.

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