tunisian businesses reassure superyacht visitors following ISIS attack

This is the greatest (by that we mean most retarded) headline ever, one found in a PR email we received today. What’s even better is that despite the “reassuring” headline, the actual message is contained in the body is far from that:

One week since the world was left shocked at the news of an ISIS terrorist attack in Tunisia, local superyacht businesses are reassuring yachtsmen that security has been increased at Tunisian ports despite numerous cancellations. Not long after the country has had to recover from the impact of the Bardo Museum attack where 17 were left dead, a total of 38 people, including at least 29 Britons were killed by a gunman with links to Islamic State extremists near Sousse, Tunisia.

Despite the upped security and the government’s involvement, The UK Foreign Office has updated its travel advice to warn that further terrorist attacks in Tunisia are possible and are urging people to be vigilant. According to some local yacht businesses, superyacht owners, crew and charter companies are already cancelling their travel plans.

Oh yeah, that’s pretty reassuring.