a horrible mystery


If one measure of a person’s worth is the impact they make on those around them, Trevor Moore was one of the most highly-valued sailors of his generation.  We salute the thousands who tried in vain to solve the mystery of Trevor’s loss; from Facebook, Kyle Kusunose writes about it (and thanks to Amory Ross for so perfectly capturing Moore’s spirit in this photo):

Over the last week I have witnessed more generosity and love than I can put into words. It is a testament to Trevor’s character and how much he meant to people, even those that barely knew him. People have come to Miami from all over the country to aid in the search and rescue. They have dropped their lives and donated their time and money in hopes we would bring Trevor home. After day 3 the physical and emotional exhaustion began to set in but adrenaline and Libby’s will pushed us on.

I’ve had the honor of spending much of the last week with Libby Patton. Her courage, strength, and determination have been inspirational as she personally combed every inch of the bay. She never stopped, she never lost hope, and I am truly proud of her as her friend. As of yesterday we have concluded our search. This is the first morning we haven’t been out on the water in 6 days. I continue to pray for Trevor’s miraculous return. Until then…be well my friend. Please continue to pray for Libby and her family, and Trevor’s family and friends.