beyond cool

Big Pimpin’

Is this the coolest regatta of the year?? Foiling Kiteboards ripping around at 30 knots Classic wooden designs and fun family PHRF boats all racing on the same waters under the same premise; raise money for Sail Martha’s Vineyard.
Needless to say when you combine the words “Sail” and “Martha’s Vineyard” you don’t usually get a lot of people reaching into their pockets to support you it can be a definite case of T-Rex Syndrome.

There is a broad assumption that a “Sailing” organization on the “Exclusive” Island of Martha’s Vineyard where seemingly every Hedge fund manager and Venture Capitalist rubs pumiced elbows with the President  is definitely not in need of funding. But with 500 kids and 400 adults involved in programs this year and an operating budget reaching close to $600K SailMV needs to create innovative ideas to raise money(just like all non profits).

With this in mind the Vineyard Cup was created 10 years ago and it has existed as a family fun regatta with a great party but for 2015 SailMV wanted to make some changes to the Vineyard Cup and wanted to provide the Island with an event that was not only beneficial to one of the most influential non profits but also to provide something that was exciting to watch. Enter Lynch & Associates and their commitment to donate $10,000 in cold hard cash as the prize money for the first Foiling Kiteboard Vineyard Cup.

Bill Lynch and Lynch & Associates have been the force behind the North American Speed Sailing Championships as well as Rob Douglas and his 2008 assault on the Outright World Speed Sailing Record in Namibia. With the prize money in hand Sail Martha’s Vineyard has opened up registration to 30 Foiling Kiteboards to race July 10-12 right off State Beach which in the summer boasts 7,000+ Sun burnt spectators lounging on the beach. So if you think you can nail a foiling jibe at 30 knots or if you want to support a great organization check out the Website here.

The NOR is hereRegister here for both Foiling Kiteboards and PHRF/Classics.