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Big Pimpin’

tacing masterTackingMaster is a tactical navigation device that works together with any compass. It aims to make it easier to understand and visualize changes and trends of the wind during regatta sailing. Modern digital compasses with tactical functions already do a fantastic job showing accurate, big and steady headings with some header and lifter information in addition to this.

But although this is a great help for immediate local wind shift, they are not capturing the bigger picture of wind shifts over time and bringing this “historical” information to the “visual” memory of the tactical sailor.

Getting the headers and lifters shown on starboard and port respectively is unarguably invaluable – but in this constant three-digit data stream it can be often challenging to crack the code of the overall wind behavior: are we dealing with oscillating wind shifts only or are we having a general wind shift/bend in addition to this? Also, how are other important directions/bearings affected in the current wind shift I am heading in to?

In a very important addition to this, TackingMaster also reveals concurrent relevant information about the downwind part of the race – like jibe bearing, heading to downwind marker and so on, so you can act and plan in advance before arriving at the windward mark.

The visual overview on TackingMaster also helps the tactical sailor to be familiar with certain bearings to in order to visualize ahead for a couple of “what-if” scenarios. Basically, TackingMaster aims to add overview and visual and cognitive memory support to the modern world of data sailing. We think it is smart – more about it here.