when the cat’s away…

Big Pimpin’

Brought to you by OceanPlanet Energy (Vendee Globe finisher Haji/Bruce Schwab). Want to keep your batteries topped off, but don’t want to be (or hire) a marine electrician?

Check out the new Solbian Allin1 solar panel with SunPower cells and a built-in MPPT controller. With the controller mounted on the face of the panel, all you have to do is connect 2 wires to the battery and your batteries will stay topped off while you are away.

Available in 23W, 47W and 72W, these panels are thin, lightweight, semi-flexible, and VERY easy to install.

Check out the OceanPlanet Energy website for more information on the Allin1 panels and to see the entire line of Solbian solar panels.