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9207_COV_175x247_ENGLISHTeam Vestas Wind navigator Wouter Verbraak has done a lot of soul-searching since the Indian Ocean grounding that changed his life, and he’s spent most of that time writing a book about it.  Cleverly scheduled for release just before the end of the VOR, the book promises to “inspire, provoke thought and entertain.”  Wouter’s sending us a copy for a full review, and we’ll have a sneak peak at the first chapter for you later today.  You can pre-order here; here’s the publisher’s blurb:

The book details the disaster, the lessons learned with the benefit of hindsight; and the overlap with a commercial setting where the level of critical thinking mirrors that of an ocean racing navigator – the major decisions made and the
subsequent decisions to ensure they stay the course. The individual skill set, the importance of psychology and a strong mental edge in a team setting are fundamental to Wouter’s personal development; the ascent to the summit of ocean racing. An equal among the world’s most sought after circumnavigators and strategists.