Ocean Racing

ten thousand dollar bar

11325277_695396017272392_1718483185_nUPDATE: Our apologies for mistakenly calling the winner earlier this morning and for mistakenly calling her a Corsair when she is a Farrier.  Story updated, and photo of a Crowther 38 from Instagram, via the thread.

In a blistering display of seamanship and PNW racing, Al Hughes, Graeme Esarey, and Matt Steverson aboard the Farrier F25c Elsie Piddock are absolutely crushing the Race2Alaska, with a huge lead on the fleet as they move into water toward the Ketchikan finish and a cool $10k in prize money. We would tell you more if we could, but the fledgling R2AK organization is…let’s charitably say ‘a little behind’ on sharing the news about, well, everything, though their tracker seems to work just fine.

We’ll go easy on them though, because the R2AK organizers have created a very cool concept and they deserve kudos for what’s already a resounding success in its inaugural year, and we’re stoked to see a more polished version next time.  The fleet continues to race toward the finish as we speak; the best updates are probably over here in the thread.

There’s also a truly awesome postmortem report from the withdrawn Team Pure & Wild team right over here that’s worth your time.