dirty burd

r2ak 3

Just got off the phone with Chris and spirits are high aboard Team Freeburd going into day #3 of the Race to Alaska! Yesterday was a day of frustration as equipment malfunctions, specifically their halyard lock system and reef attachment points hindered their progress. Chris explains that being able to unload the main halyard is important for protecting the mast, especially on such a long trip on a boat that isn’t meant for it! Reefing the main is mission critical as the breeze in the narrows has started to hit 20-30 knots at times.

We got close to the action late in the day yesterday as they hugged the shore heading towards Denman Island, and were able to deploy the drone and get some awesome footage! The guys plan to put some miles on the board today and will hopefully reach Seymour Narrows late in the day. As always, stay tuned to our Instagram  and Twitter  accounts for live updates of their progress! – Patrick Rynne.