We’ve never liked Dee Smith. We’ve seen first hand what a dick he can be, and plenty of people who have sailed with or had interactions with the Bald Ego know exactly what that sentiment is all about. A yelling, berating, douchebag with a temper, we’ve always loathed guys like him, and him specifically. A good sailor, sure, but how he never got his ass thoroughly kicked  for his bullshit act is a miracle.

As if there was ever any doubt about what a douche he is, Smith has completely removed it. Unbelievably,  he is claiming that after suffering a bout with cancer and falling off a bike, he is now “disabled” and therefore “qualified” to attempt to sail in the Paralympics in Rio in 2016.

This is a fucking outrage. While we don’t doubt that he has health issues, Smith apparently wormed his way to be considered “disabled”. It is an insult to true disabled sailors. It makes a mockery of the very definition of disabled sailors and their sport, and it is yet another black eye on US Sailing for allowing this disgrace to happen at all. This isn’t what the spirit of disabled sailing is all about, it is a sham propagated by an egomaniac. It serves nobody but Smith. He should be ashamed.