china right

Ya just gotta love the enthusiasm…

“Win lose or draw it is almost impossible to overestimate the excitement in the growing Chinese sailing community of Dongfeng Race Team’s performance in the Volvo Ocean Race so far.

I have been told from some inside the team that any post that goes up on Wechat receives multiple likes, comments and shares almost within minutes, some ordinary office workers have got so into the race they have even joined the virtual regatta and some of them don’t even know the blunt end from the sharp end. I have heard of people buying a VPN just to be able to view the youtube videos coming off the boat and even one or two complaints that the updates are too frequent because they can’t help but wait up for the 0015 (China time) Sked before they go to sleep.

For the cynics of the world that say this isn’t really a Chinese entry?

Well if that is the case, neither is there a Swedish entry, or Danish, Turkish or Abu Dhabi entry in the race as the Chinese sailors outnumber the ‘home grown’ sailors on ALL those teams. Neither can one can hardly call the Chinese sailors rookies any more as four of them have done a goodly percentage of a circumnavigation and looking at some of the shots to come off the boat in this leg alone the are not just the ‘grinders’ as some naysayers have suggested.

And how many of us have been down to the Southern Ocean and/or had to be part of a crew handling a mast breakage in any case?

The leg isn’t over yet and certainly neither is the race and although the odds are clearly still in ADOR’s favour but if it stays the same as the latest update (yep, that’s right – at 0015 China time) DFRT have pulled away again but with ADOR coming back into the mix. 2 more sleepless night to go.

Do I sound a little partisan? Well it is difficult to live in a city of 23 million Chinese and not root for the home team.

Better get my flight to Gothenberg booked!

– Shanghai Sailor