why not?

new 12

“Thanks for running that piece last week about Tom Ehman’s idea for a 12-meter regatta on SF Bay. It got me thinking. While I can definitely see a demand for a racing series that isn’t out on the ragged edge of foils and wing-sails—but it seems a huge shame to retreat to boats of a 30-year-old—wait,60-year-old—wait, over 100-year-old design! It’s just throwing away huge gains in monohull yacht design and condemning us to watching giant quarter-waves and sluggish speeds.

I got thinking, what if we developed a boat that maintained that classic ambiance that the 12’s brought to racing, but sailed more like 21-st century race boats? I couldn’t help myself, I doodled up a 75-foot day racer based on our 50’ daysailer Ginger. A lot lighter and beamier than an IACC boat, it would be much faster off the wind.  It’d be pretty cool to see a fleet of these screaming around San Francisco Bay—more lively than 12-meters!” – Stephen Waring, Stephens Waring Yacht Design.