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The 2015 Sailing Anarchy/Sperry World Tour takes us to Newport, RI this week, along with a hundred thousand of our closest friends, and videographer Petey Crawford caught this shot of Mr. Clean trying to ‘fit in’ with other New England sporting traditions.

But poking fun at Patriot superfans is only part of the reason we’re here; The US stop is traditionally the point in the race where the next edition’s details start to solidify, and we’re here to dig up all that information. We’re also here to bring you two full hours of live TV talk shows from the VOR’s Boatyard; the first will present Sam, Dee and Sally from Team SCA, along with performance coach Brad Jackson and CEO Richard Brisius.  There are tough questions to answer, and kudos to these guys and gals for stepping up to answer them live, with big thanks to Nic Douglass for helping out as co-host alongside Clean.  You can watch it all happen tomorrow, right here on the front page, from 1430 local time.

Ask questions for the girls in the Newport stopover thread or send them in via Twitter with the hashtag #asksailinganarchy.  Best three questions win Team SCA t-shirts.