what a concept

Glenn McCarthy keeps the heat on the ISAF and their Brazil boondoggle…

From International Sailing Federation’s (ISAF) perspective, here is exactly why ISAF must abandon the courses inside and outside Guanabara Bay immediately and order the event moved elsewhere to a clean water site in Brazil, it is no longer about the pursuit of perfection and fair play, it has become a Game of Chance:

International Sailing Federation has not hired a statistician who has calculated the: boat damages; illness competitors have picked up; and, boats that have been stopped by hitting garbage in practice and regattas, and has not showed the math that Guanabara Bay will work. The evidence has shown that it doesn’t work to provide a fair contest.

No one ever designed the sport with the expectation that the water can provide illness to competitors or is full of trash hampering competitors advances on a race course. There are no rules that address this.

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