deadly regatta

Alabama Marine Resources has confirmed that bodies of people believed to have been participating in the Dauphin Island Regatta Saturday have been recovered from Mobile Bay. The number of bodies found have not been released. Coast Guard officials said earlier Sunday that 4 people were believed missing after a storm moved through the area, smashing boats and pitching racers into the water.  According to the Coast Guard, one person was pulled from the water around 9 p.m. Saturday night, but at least four others have been reported missing or unaccounted for.

The weather system moved through the area Saturday afternoon as the race was ongoing, with gusts at nearly 75 mph. Racers reported that boats capsized and masts were snapped. Several people were thrown into the water. Other racers helped to make some rescues, according to the Coast Guard.

Here’s a different look at the storm from onboard as well..