whiner of the week

There surely must be something behind this level of whining. Why tout all the effort “marketing and promoting” about this regatta, then attack someone who did nothing but help to promote it? Whatever, it is incredibly lame.  No wonder this sport can’t get out of it’s own way…


As Fleet Captain at Newport Harbor Yacht Club, I am responsible for the organization, planning, and execution of over 40 sailing events we host during the year. The Baldwin Cup is one of the premier events NHYC hosts during the year and it takes considerable time, effort, and expense to put on such a comprehensive event. One of the areas where we spend considerable time and money is the marketing and promotion of the Baldwin Cup – which includes our PR / communications team, photographers, bloggers, graphic designers, and video production and editing professionals.

After receiving the e-mail / newsletter from WD Schock titled “Best Baldwin Yet”, I was surprised to see such significant inclusion of the NHYC owned and copyright protected promotional materials inside of your corporate promotion.

Can you please refer me to the individual(s) from NHYC who authorized WD Schock to use these materials and the contract where this agreement was executed??

If no such agreement is available, can you please remove the NHYC / Baldwin Cup copyrighted materials from your promotional campaigns and provide a documented apology to our writers, photographers, and videographers for this breech of use?

Finally, the Baldwin Cup is a private / invitational event intended for the racing participants and the invited guests of the Organizing Authority (NHYC). All the non-racing hospitality and social functions are invitation only events. In the future, please be sure you are included in the invitations for the specific events before arriving unexpectedly.

Thank you for your attention to these matters,


John K. Fuller
2015 Fleet Captain – NHYC