on your mark, set…


Maxi-trimaran “Lending Club 2” is in the starting blocks for the Newport to Bermuda Record

In 2000 Steve Fossett and the mighty Playstation covered the 635 mile course in 38 hours 15 years ago and we’re aiming on cutting it down to at least 28 hours, if not less. Ideal conditions for us are moderate reaching breeze (15-20 knot) with not too big waves so we can get this beast going fast but not out of control. With a crew of just 7 it takes all we’ve got to manage the 850+ square metre sail-plan and keep the boat at 100% of its polars.

This weekend is showing an ideal departure time between late tonight and Sunday morning so its code green and we’re ready to head out. We’ve got a tracker on the boat so you can follow us live with updates every 15 minutes and it will be continuous at the end.

We’ll also be posting photos and videos to the FB page when we can.

We’ll be coming back to Newport after Bermuda so anyone who hasn’t had time this week, but still wants to see the boat is welcome to come on down to the Shipyard and help wash off the salt. Same goes for anyone in Bermuda, keep an eye on the tracker and come and say Hi when we get there! As always, thanks to our technical partners : Marlow Ropes, Guy Cotten foul weather gear, Under Water Kinetics technical equipment, Great Circle weather data analysis, Events Clothing and Switlik Survival Equipment. – Ryan Breymaier.