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Big Pimpin’

nautalyticsA Big SA welcome to our newest advertiser Nautalytics who make the Alloy Compass, something we didn’t realize we needed until we saw it. Developed by a team of racing sailors, for racing sailors, the Alloy Compass has one function – DIGITAL MAGNETIC COMPASS. Designed to replace the high end globe compass, it “wakes up” when it is upright and “sleeps” when it is horizontal.

Featuring a large 1.4” high LCD display made for use with polarized sunglasses (why didn’t someone think of that sooner???), there are no buttons to push, batteries to change or plug in to charge.

The Alloy Compass offers ultra-low energy consumption electronics with a solar cell, worry-free battery, all housed in a solid anodized aluminum housing for $335.00. Finally, navigating made SIMPLE. Made in the USA, the Alloy Compass will tactically get you around the racecourse, no questions asked, at the price of a good globe compass.

The Nautalytics team has been sailing and winning with their new magnetic digital compass and wanted to share it with our readers. Thanks!