coming up roses?

VOR Exclusive

No boycott from Team Brunel, but seriously just wanted to catch any sleep I could get, instead off typing a few words…………slacker in a sense! In that way the leg has been hard, very irregular sleep patterns, with seldom a complete off watch spending time in your bunk.. The icegates and the close racing made for it. The good news is that it hasn’t been really bitter cold, as the icegates were very high up north, with water temperatures seldom under 6 degrees C. But still nippy enough to lay in all your thermals inside your sleeping bag,. The bags are golden, ours have three layers of different size fleece and the guys who got cold feet, actually were able to warm them again. No cold feet for me, for anybody going sailing in cold waters can strongly recommend the La Crosse 1600 ice fishing boots, I am still running with thin tennis socks:-) But have to admit, they are not the easiest to walk in , but since I drive during all the sail changes they are better suited to me than a guy on the foredeck.

Still we have been missing the much needed heater to help drying out the interior and to dry hats and gloves. Haven’t you guys noted that during this entire trip non of the boys where wearing survival suits?  Why: the foul weather gear from Gaastra( Goretex) we are having has been superb, never wet!!

The leg hasn’t been windy, thank god, never sustained wind of over 35 knots. We have been in more and know what it can do to these boats, especially downwind. Now we were in control, although sometimes it felt we sailed more under water than above it. One worry we have had and always will is our forward hatch. Since it is not flush mounted in the deck it gets a hammering when you stick your nose in the waves and of course it started leaking. Will it blow off?  Then you have an issue, but for that reason we carry a spare hatch cover, made out of carbon with us, in case it will blow off the deck.

So nearly all roses over here , we just have to catch the guys in front of us and they think just the other way around: we need to beat these Brunel boys, meaning racing will stays close


Bouwe Bekking