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Big Pimpin’

dry uv adBack in the 1980s and early 1990s Spike Lee’s commercial featuring Michael Jordan absolutely dominating the NBA like no other player in history suggested that Jordan’s prowess on the court was due in large part to his Nike basketball shoes he wore and a legend was born. Lee’s “It’s gotta be the shoes Money…” commercial got us thinking.

With the team on PYEWACKET winning the CABO Race ORR overall as well as ORR2 and the 70s fleet and “Lucky Duck” winning the 50s and ORR3 we have come to the conclusion that the UPF 50+ Pro-Tech shirts must indeed be the fastest shirts available since both boats were wearing them for this race. Both programs are clearly capable of selecting any product on the market but they did their research and chose the Pro-Tech as the best shirt available on the market today.

We are kidding of course about the Pro-Tech being the main reason those teams won CABO as superior boat speed and better tactics/navigating are what clearly got it done for both syndicates but more and more of the winning programs are selecting the Pro-Tech and Elite Polo as well as the VMG Elie zip tech shirts to proudly carry their logos both on and off the water. Your team can dress like the Pros as well and right now the Pro-Tech in long or short sleeve is UNDER $25 INCLUDING* YOUR LEFT CHEST LOGO. Back and sleeve prints are also available. Click here for more information on our team gear. Use coupon code BEST CREW at checkout and save more than 60%. We will even create or recreate your art for free if you need some help in that department.