hawaii bound

The Weather Channel

We haven’t had rain here in Southern California in quite a while and the North Pacific high doesn’t look like it will relinquish its grip on the state anytime soon. The massive dome that has occupied the area between Hawaii and the mainland pretty much all winter is simply huge and has all but completely shut off the tap for the foreseeable future.

I got to thinking that this lack of storm activity in the Northeastern Pacific probably means that there is quite a bit more stored energy than normal. A degree or two above normal isn’t all that alarming. Three or four degrees would have me concerned about what this coming Summer may bring. After pulling up today’s chart I found that while some areas were three to four degrees warmer than normal, other stations like San Diego, Scripps pier and Santa Monica Buoy were all reporting temperatures 6-9 degrees (F) warmer than normal. It is difficult to translate how much of an anomaly that is but if this trend continues it could be an interesting summer here in Southern California. Read on.