Big Pimpin’

mauri proMauri Pro started as one guy selling sails to pay his way through regattas and has grown to a company with a true global reach. Constantly re-inventing themselves, Mauri Pro has become more than an online sailing store. Their continuous search for ways to better serve the sailing community and provide the best and easiest online platform has equipped Mauri Pro with a well-known, friendly and professional group of people to work with.

The latest addition to the family is Mauri Pro Sailing – Colombia! This new division is overseen by well-known and accomplished sailors in Cartagena and Tomine.)
Last week Mauri Pro was accessible to their flourishing Colombian customers while representing sailing as part of the USA NMMA group at the International Cartagena Boat Show.

Sailors from around the world are benefiting from the knowledge that is accumulating within the Mauri Pro website as well as through the experienced members of their Technical Support Team.

Visit www.mauriprosailing.com for more news, products updates and great offers. Editor’s note: Mauri Pro is a Sailing Anarchy supporter since 2003.