birthday bash

birthday bash

“Dead anarchists make martyrs, you know, and keep living for centuries.” -Ursula K LeGuin

Today marked the Centerport Yacht Club Frostbite Fleet’s Annual St. Patrick’s Regatta in Centerport, NY. As suggested in the many “how cold is it?” posts on the front page lately, many northeast US sailors are still frozen under the effects of a particularly brutal and icy winter. With only half of Northport harbor thawed and liquid, former SCOTW Aly and her partner Nick Barta found themselves unable to launch their JY-15 Tropique from the east side of the bay.

Determined to race, Nick and Aly borrowed a tired JY-15 at CYC and hit the race course for some match racing fun. Team Tropique [https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1476881025925068] emerged victorious, but sadly their borrowed boat made the ultimate sacrifice. Only upon returning to shore did Aly and Nick notice that their valiant little boat had completely cracked in half but held together like a champ to take 2 bullets and win the day.

Please take the time for a toast to this martyr JY, and wish a happy birthday to Aly!